Ghosts of August

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Ghosts of August
Ghosts of August Logo.jpg
Background Information





Years Active

2007 - Present

Record Label

Dirtbag Records


Dave Holowchak - Vocals Steven Lee - Guitars/Vocals Ron Thieleman - Bass Kenny Lee - Drums Paul Delmotte - Guitars

Past Members

Terry Freers


Embracing the belief that music is to be experienced and not simply heard, Ghosts of August blends emotion, chops and a vision for their sound that leaves their audience with a keen sense of what the band is trying to accomplish. Crushing instrumentation, introspective, evocative lyrics and impassioned vocals meld into a sound that is meant to connect with the audience on a level that is much deeper than most traditional hard rock music.

Ghosts of August L-R
Ron Thieleman, Kenny Lee, Dave Holowchak, Steven Lee, Paul Delmotte

Since forming in August 2007, the Metro Detroit-based five-some has worked tirelessly to promote this idea with the goal of impacting fans across the state and beyond.

In a era dominated by bands sacrificing passion for accessibility, GoA has managed to achieve both, writing powerfully compelling songs that appeal to a breadth of listeners. The band has managed to foster a sound all their own while still honoring their Detroit roots.


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