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George Brothers
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Be Young Have Fun...Lets Rock
Background Information




Classic Rock, R&B, Standards

Years Active

1980 - Present




Bobby George - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Barry George - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Paul Krywy - Drums
Dan Rafferty - Keyboards, Vocals

Past Members

Tom Curry
David George
Patrick Harwood
Ron Abraham



Although it had been born a decade earlier, it wasn't until a certain band from England made their American debut on nationwide television that Rock and Roll came of of age. For millions of kids across the country (including three brothers from Detroit, Bobby, Barry & David George), this was the moment that changed them forever and set them on their path.

Over the years the George Brothers have enjoyed success together and with separate musical ventures, and the list of bands with which they have performed is quite impressive, albeit too numerous to mention. But take note that many times when a famous artist comes to town and needs a band to back them up, they know who to call. Although they have been playing together for many years, those who are in the know feel that the George Brothers are just beginning to hit their stride. The blistering guitar work, the thunderous bass, the pounding beat, the vocal power, and the symphonic layering transfixes their audience by transforming their performances into displays of sheer talent, versatility, and authenticity. It’s almost as if it’s become second nature to them.

Brother David, whose tragic and untimely demise during a show on May 9th 2009 leaves a void in The Brothers hearts that can never truly be filled.

Few get to choose the manner in which they exit this world, and fewer still get to depart while doing something which they lived for. But this can be said of David Alan George: He Died Well!

All future George Brothers performances are hereby dedicated to the memory of brother David

It is the ongoing mission of the George Brothers Band to continue to provide their audience with the highest quality presentation available. To offer them an alternative in a music scene that promotes conformity. To play songs other groups don't play. To bring the magic of mystery and adventure back to the stage. To give them cause to remember why they fell in love with music in the first place. The thrill is NOT GONE! It's alive and well thank you, can be found at your nearest George Brothers show.


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