Gabriel Brass Band

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Gabriel Brass Band
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Background Information




New Orleans Jazz

Years Active

2011 - Present


Dameon Gabriel


The Gabriel Brass Band is a family tradition that has been passed down for six generations, beginning with patriarch Narcisse Gabriel, a bass player whom migrated to New Orleans from Santo Domingo in 1856. Spearheaded in 2011 by 5th generation musician Dameon Gabriel, with a few Gabriel family members and a host of close friends, The Gabriel Brass Band continues the New Orleans flavor that the Gabriel family brought to the Motor City in the 1940’s via New Orleans. The Gabriel family has over the decades has had several bands under the Gabriel moniker. The Gabriel Brothers New Orleans Jazz Band was Dameon’s grandfather, Manny, and his great uncle, Percy. The fourth generation created The Gabriel Family Traditional New Orleans Jazz Band. The Gabriel Brass Band honors rich history of New Orleans music while delivering a joyful sound that excites the modern ear.

In 2014 Dameon founded The Gabriel Music Society a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the Gabriel family musical and cultural legacy that stretches over six generations, and to promote music education and performance for local youths.

Gabriel Brass Band

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