Full Tilt Boogie

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Full Tilt Boogie
Full Tilt Boogie Logo.jpg
Background Information




Blues, Rock

Years Active


"Razor Ray" Lauerman - Guitar & Vocals
"Big Ru" Saldivar - Percussion & Vocals
Annie Gedert - Keys & Vocals
Terry "T-Bone" Bradley Bass & Vocals


Full Tilt Boogie is a Funky Rockin Bluesy Dancing Party Band!!!

Members Razor Ray & T-Bone also perform as duo performing a vast variety of hips swayin, head poppin, toe tappin & finger snappin musical renditions that are sure to bring a smile to your face and a skip in your step. Razor Ray & T-Bone have performed through the years at small garage sales to very large concert venues

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Terry "T-Bone" Bradley

Terry Bradley.jpg

Music always played a big part in T-Bone's life and he likes where he's landed musically, playing a style of music with overtones that the band calls, Club Concert Bluesy Rock N Roll. His biggest influence to his music is friends & family. Without this harmony in his life, music would be meaningless to him


Raul "Big Ru" Saldivar

Big RU.jpg

Blues, Modern Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Latin Music, Oldies & Motown. You name it, BIG Ru has probably put a beat to it in one band or another. He' played drums since his dad needed a drummer for his own Latin Band. He has always gone back to Rock n Roll cause that's where his heart is. His musical interest are: The Police, Rush, Steely Dan, Led Zeppelin and many, many more..


Annie Gedert

Anne Gedert Wilkinson.jpg

Anne has always played and been around music all her life. Playing for many years at church is where it all began. Finding Anne for Full Tilt Boogie - Detroit was just what the group needed to add full flavor and bring their sound to new levels and styles..


"RAZOR" RAY Lauerman

Razor Ray.jpg

Born into a musical family, his mother played the piano and classical music. his father sang contemporary songs of the day. He got his first guitar when he was 10. Razor Ray hasa played with a variety of bands over the years and played everything from Johnny Cash, Prince, Motown and even Benny Goodman. In the 80’s he landed a gig that put him on stage with Freddy Cannon, Ricky Nelson and to Contours. Music is in his blood and loves being on stage and entertaining the audience. Ray is a believer that anything you want to do, you can do. His parents taught him growing up, trust in yourself; be honest with yourself and God will always have a place for you in this world.



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