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Full Circle Project
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Background Information




Classic Rock

Years Active

1997 - Present


Westborn Record


Ronnie Steel
George Cantaberry
Roger Noonan
Bob Bowden
John Czernel

Past Members

Larry Calder
Tommy Dauberger
Brian Baetens
Jerry Gravina
Steve Dossin
John Turo
Larry Firlik


The Full Circle Band was formed by local musician Jerry Gravina who thought to start a band of other musicians from the Detroit music scene he had played with during a 30+ year career. By doing so, he came “full circle” and reunited with former musician friends Larry Calder ( lead singer/rhythm guitar),Tommy Dauberger (drums/vocals), Johnny Gamarra (lead guitar/vocals), Larry Firlik (keyboards/vocals), Brian Baetens (saxophone/vocals) and of course Jerry Gravina (bass/vocals). They became known as The Full Circle Band.

From the 1990s to the present, the band has continued to play nightclubs and outdoor events all over the Detroit Metro area, including appearances with national acts. They gained a reputation as one of Detroit’s hottest classic and modern rock bands.

Between the years 2006 and 2009, the band made some personnel changes. Singer Larry Calder left the band and was succeeded by Johnny’s cousin Ronnie Steele. Ronnie had been singing with other well-known acts in the area and decided to make his home with The Full Circle Band. Ronnie is not only a great singer but a very dynamic and exciting front man who works well with the band and audience. Drummer Tommy Dauberger also left and was replaced with another old band mate in Steve Dossin.

The next few years were very tough for the band. Brian Baetens, well known around town for his magical flair on the saxophone, had a stroke and died. Brian was well-liked, a true brother to all the band members, and a great friend to everyone who knew him. Then in 2010, tragedy struck again when we learned Jerry Gravina was diagnosed with cancer. When he left the band to battle his disease, close friend John Turo became available to cover for Jerry while on personal leave. Unfortunately, Jerry lost his battle with cancer and John became full-time bassist for the band. Although past members of the band were never really replaced, Full Circle made necessary changes to keep the project going as strong as ever. They also hired old musician friends Greg and Waldo as their pro light and sound crew. This helped improve the live shows which lead to the signing of a record contract with Westbound Records.


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