Fires In Japan

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Fires In Japan
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Background Information






Punk Rock

Current Members

Andrew Serwach - Guitar/Vocals
Dave Holder - Bass/Vocals
Bob Duncan - Drums

Past Members

Aubrey Smith
Steve Serrano
Evan Ecklund


What started in the basement of what is known as "The Elizabeth Post" turned into a memorable group of friends starting a kick ass band. Dave Holder and Bob Duncan were in other groups (Nutor Box, and Drives Like New fame), while Andrew Serwach had already formed Fires in Japan out of a different project called Great Lake Saint Clair with bass player Aubrey Smith, drummer Steve Serrano, and lead guitarist Evan Ecklund. While living together at the fore mentioned "Elizabeth Post" (aka the four bedroom house with 8 people living there plus one bunny), Dave, Bob and Andrew would wake up in the mornings from hangovers, and lack thereof anything better to do, and started jamming out tunes. It started as merely fun, and mostly consisted of joking around with crappy Blink 182 and Lawrence Arms covers. The original members of Fires in Japan recorded a demo with Erik Ladendorf in the fall of 2009, simply just called "DEMO". Because of lack of interest and a drifting apart, in 2010, Evan, Steve and Aubrey left Fires in Japan. Andrew then turned to Bob and Dave to fill the line up gaps, which they agreed to. Those three bastards have been playing together ever since


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