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The Greatest little Tribute show on Earth
Background Information


Allen Park


Rock, Pop

Years Active

2005 - Present


Remy Lambert - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Band Leader
David Eversole - Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals
Kent Koller - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Steve Cooley - Drums Lead Vocals
Duffy King - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Alan Frost - Keyboards, Lead Vocals
Jason Harper - Lead Vocals



FiftyAmpFuse is a Multimedia Tribute to some of the greatest music in our lifetimes. The Band covers an extremely wide range of music, all synchronized to Video and Intelligent Lighting. FiftyAmpFuse takes you on a Roller coaster ride through the eclectic yet enigmatic explosion of the 60's from pop to rock accompanied by synchronized artistic video and a killer light show. FiftyAmpFuse then leads you into the timeless funk and soul of the 70's, for a dance set that will have your heels smoking straight into the Big hair rock of the 70's and 80's as well as the punk / new wave era of the 80's. FiftyAmpFuse even touches on the grunge period of the 90's a short "Big Band" set for the platinum crowd as well as a handful of current songs for the "in crowd."


Remy Lambert

Lead Vocal, Lead Guitar, Band Leader


Over the years Remy has performed for thousands across the country. Remy has written and recorded music and voice over for film and television. He has shared the stage with music legends Sheryl Crowe, Steve Miller and Huey Lewis to name a few. As the bandleader and creator of FiftyAmpFuse, Remy also has a knack for emulating a vast number of singers and guitar styles, from Barry White to Freddy Mercury and legendary rock and funk guitar slingers.


David Eversole

Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals

David is proud to be a co-founder of the original Fifty Amp Fuse. A career musician, He has performed thousands of shows for dozens of years across the country. Keeping
busy as a session guitarist, pedal steel, and bass. David has shared the stage with music giants, Huey Lewis, Sheryl Crowe, Steve Miller and many more. He is now dedicated to being a bass and vocal mercenary, as well as technical adviser with FiftyAmpFuse.


Kent Koller

Lead Vocals, Guitar

Kent Koller.jpg

Kent is a singer-songwriter turned rock vocal maestro. Often compared to the nuanced and delicate voice of Jeff Buckley, he also thrills audiences with his powerful adaptations of the often untouchable Michael Jackson, Steve Perry, Freddie Mercury and others. As a finger-style guitarist, he possesses a dynamic, classical prowess, with a deceptive ease of playing that is often underrated.


Steve Cooley

Drums, Lead Vocals


Born and raised the son of Detroit studio engineer Les Cooley ( United Sound), Steve has been a fixture in the music scene for decades as well as touring the country with several different musical acts. Steve has also contributed music to the Anna Nicole Smith biography film. Steve is an original member FiftyAmpFuse and is still singing and rocking the drums with a passion.


Duffy King

Lead Guitar, Vocals

Duffy King.jpg

Hailing from Detroit and it’s vast musical heritage, Duffy has toured throughout the world also has been on countless studio sessions, which include nationally televised ad campaigns, album releases that have been nominated for awards including Grammy Awards, Billboard Magazine awards, World Music Awards, and is also a 6 time Detroit Music Awards winner.
The combination of these accomplishments, and performing/recording with an array of world class musicians, has earned him a reputation as a top caliber guitarist, vocalist and composer. Some noteworthy artists include Moody Blues legend John Lodge, Motley Crue founder Tommy Lee, One Nation- featuring Moody Blues/ Earth Wind & Fire keyboardist Alan Hewitt, and guitarist Orianthi.


Alan Frost

Keyboards, Lead Vocals


Born near Detroit, MI his US Alan Frost’s live performance credits include over 2000 shows from New York to California. Starting off as a request taking piano man out of Arkansas, Alan has gone on to be a member of 14 diverse musical acts. Career highlights include contract offers from Atlantic and Warner Brother’s TM, opening for artists such as Third Eye Blind, Jewel, Kansas, Huey Lewis , Our Lady Peace and En Vogue, as well as writing/recording for television and film.


Jason Harper

Lead Vocals

Jason Harper.jpg

Singing in church since the age of 4, Jason learned quickly how music can do more than entertain and inspire. after high school his love for writing songs, playing guitar and leading an original rock band began to take shape.After playing Detroit venues like St. Andrews Hall, The Shelter, The Majestic Theatre, The Emerald Theatre and opening for bands like 7 Mary Three,Sponge, Ra, Montrose, Edgar Winter Band, to name a few, gave Jason the experience that brought him to where he's at now with FiftyAmpFuse.


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