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New Fantastic Four
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Background Information




R&B, Soul

Years Active

2014 - Present


Ray Ward - Lead Singer, Percussion
James Campbell - Lead Singer, Second Tenor
Leroy Seabrooks Jr - Lead Singer, Baritone, Second Tenor, Choreographer
Jerry Brooks - Lead Singer, Guitar, 1st Tenor


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Ray Ward

Ray Ward.jpg

For over 30 years, Ray Ward has been a sought-after vocalist and percussionist. His smooth vocals have been compared to those of musical legends such as Lou Rawls and Luther Vandross. His illustrious career includes performing within groups who have opened for Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, Teddy Pendergrass, Al Wilson, Sly & The Family Stone, and The O’Jays. Ray is an accomplished performer in jazz, pop, big-band, standards, Motown, reggae, and blues, Ray’s unique talent transcends the various musical genres.

Ray began his musical career in 1973 singing with a group by the name of “Masterpiece”. This quintet quickly gained notoriety within the Detroit area, performing all of the hits of the day. The popularity of Masterpiece led to their recording “We’re Gonna Make It” in 1974. In the 1980’s, Ray continued to perform at various venues, providing key vocals for groups such as Summer Spirit and Jazzmin, all the while performing as a solo artist for various events. In 1990, Ray began to perform the standards with “The Starlight Trio”, and in 1996, he headlined a blues band called, “Ray Ward and Bluezone”, which recorded a self-titled CD in 1999. In 2000, Ray Ward began performing with the popular jazz/blues/pop act, First Rate and, in 2005, he expanded into reggae and performed lead vocals for “The Island Guys”.

In addition to performing with “The Island Guys”, Ray’s professional bio includes experience working with some of today’s favorite Detroit artists. This list includes frequent collaborations with guitarists John E. Lawrence and Mike Moore, Penny Wells, vocalist Nikki Pierce, and keyboardist Terrence Lester. With 30 plus years professional experience, Ray entertained audiences across the metro-area several times a week. Ray maintained his musical career
in tandem with a 41-year automotive industrial career with Ford and General Motors Companies. As a musical professional, he is known for his dedication to his craft and for consistently bringing his “A-game”. As an entertainer, Ray delivers an outstanding performance. No matter the audience or venue, his fun and personable style is known for entertaining audiences everywhere. Ray has accepted his task as a member of “THE NEW FANTASTIC FOUR”.

He is well ready and able to take his new group to accomplishing the task deemed them.


James Campbell

James Washington Campbell.jpg

James Washington Campbell, aka J.W., was born September 7th, 1954. He has been singing since age 5, and he started performing at age 13. In 1968, James (J.W.) performed as part of a five man vocal group known as the Sitations, winning the 1968 Ford Junior High School’s talent show. From 1969 to 1976, James continued to sing and pursue his passion. He sang baritone with Desired Blend quartet, who opened for local Detroit artists Cash McCall, Johnny Mae Matthew and the late Cody Black.

James served in the United States Marine Corps. After which, he attended Mercy College of Detroit and studied music theory and vocals under Professor Joel Ebersaul. James continued his performing arts studies at Mary Grove College of Detroit, where he completed beginners, intermediate and advance jazz dance under the instruction of both Mary Anne and Penny Goboddle.

In 1981, after having opened up for renown pop band Brainstorm as a single performer, James was hired by Generator’s Production Company, where he became a lead vocalist for the band Sons.

James’ inspiration stems from a host of performing artist such as: Harry Barnes, Carolyn Franklin, Sam Johnson, Belita Woods, William Lloyd Wooten, Chaka Khan, “Spinners” Bobby Smith and Bill Henderson, and Misty Love just to name a few. James has performed with other groups as well. They were Upscale, Destination Truth, and The Black Mirage Band. Presently, James performs as 2nd tenor, baritone and occasional lead vocalist for “THE NEW FANTASTIC FOUR”.

He is well ready and able to take his new group to accomplishing the task deemed them.


Leroy Seabrooks Jr

Leroy Seabrooks.jpg

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Leroy Seabrook’s first love is (and has always been) singing. Since the early age of nine, while singing in church, Leroy realized that his dream was to become a singer/entertainer. Like most youths that grew up in the era of Motown’s music explosion, Leroy sang with various groups. They have contributed to his success as a professional entertainer. In 1965, Leroy joined the renowned Floaters, hoping the Floaters would allow him to consistently do what he loved most.

Credited to his tenure are such talented vocal groups as Sage, Black Elements, The Dynamics, and (from 2003 to 2006) the infamous Contours. After taking a 17 year sabbatical from music, 1975-1996, Leroy joined “N Full Effect”, which broke off in 2002. Leroy and three other members of “N Full Effect” went on to form the vocal group Upscale.

The original Upscale lineup was approached to join Sylvester Potts’ Contours. Leroy worked within this arrangement from 2003 to 2004, when he left to re-establish Upscale with two new line-up artists. In 2010, Leroy left for another opportunity… the Detroit based The New Fantastic Four.

Currently, Leroy is performing with Ralph Pruitt’s (the last original Fantastic Four surviving member) relaunch group entitled “THE NEW FANTASTIC FOUR” as their lead singer.

He is well ready and able to take his new group to accomplishing the task deemed them.


Jerry Brooks

Jerry Brooks.jpg

Millard Brooks, aka Jerry, has been singing, writing and playing Jazz and R&B for over the past 40 years. In the 1970′s, Jerry was leader of the band “Maplewood”, which included violinist Regina Carter. Maplewood performed throughout the Detroit area including Hart Plaza, the Main Ballroom of Cobo Hall and Bowen Fieldhouse in Ypsilanti.

Since the late1980′s, Jerry has performed as a solo artist as well as lead guitarist and vocalist for the “Dreams Deferred” band. Jerry has performed at many venues throughout the Detroit area including the world famous Baker’s Keyboard Lounge” in Detroit, Michigan.

In 2008, Jerry released a solo CD titled “Follow Your Dreams”. In 2010, Jerry joined the Dtour band as their lead vocalist. Upon approach and discussion with Ralph Pruitt(original Fantastic Four surviving member), Jerry accepted the position of 1st tenor and lead vocalist for “The New Fantastic Four” singing group.

He is well ready and able to take his new group to accomplishing the task deemed them.



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