Electric Honey

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Electric Honey
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Background Information




Indie Rock

Years Active

2014 - Present




Patrick Minjeur - guitar, mandolin, vocals
Evan Gatny - guitar, keys, vocals John Labut - bass, ukulele, vocals Matt Doppel - drums, trumpet, vocals Chris Righi - Violin




Electric Honey is a Detroit-area indie rock band made up of John Labut on bass and vocals, Patrick Minjeur on guitar and vocals, Matt Doppel on drums, Chris Righi on violin, and Evan Gatny on guitar. Their sound features a powerful mix of heavy-hitting dual guitars, superb vocal harmonies, and complex instrumental arrangements. Fronted by Patrick Minjeur, whose unhinged musical style is fun to both see and hear. Electric Honey brings something different to the table with every one of their songs.

Electric Honey Photo by Brian Rozman


Patrick Minjeur

Patrick Minjeur.jpg

Patrick Minjeur is the ambitious leader of Electric Honey. He writes the bulk of his band's music, and is the heart of soul of Electric Honey. When he's not pushing his lazy band members to new heights, he enjoys wood working, kayaking, and fishing.

Evan Gatny

Evan Gatny.jpg

Evan Gatny is a graduate of Berklee College of Music. His technical ability coupled with his theoretical knowledge brings a level of sophistication to Electric Honey. He is also a level 3 black belt, so be careful.


Matt Doppel

Matt Doppel.jpg

Matt Doppel plays the drums. He enjoys medium-rare steak and single malt scotch.


John Labut

John Labut.jpg

John Labut brings an intense level of energy to Electric Honey. Many people confuse him for Mike Gordon. He may actually be Mike Gordon... I'll start over. Electric Honey is Mike Gordon's side project.


Chris Righi

Chris Righi.jpg

Chris Righi is Electric Honey's violin player. Usually tasked with carrying counter melodies, sometimes he's also tasked with carrying the heavy amps and equipment. He is the only member of Electric Honey capable of bench pressing 300 lbs.



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