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The Diggers
The Diggers.jpg
You can taste the Guinness in their music
Background Information


Detroit, Windsor


Irish, Scottish Folk

Years Active

1998 - Present


John L. Sullivan - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Bill Misiuk - Bass
Len Wallace - Accordion

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The Diggers from L-R Len Wallace, John L. Sullivan, Bill Misiuk

The Diggers are a trio singing and playing the best of Irish and Scottish folk music with tight performances, sweet harmonies and tunes that steal your breath away.

Based in Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario, they've made a name for themselves in a nexus that stretches from south Western Ontario to Northern Michigan, Chicago, Illinois to Ohio and they have become favourites in many Irish and Scottish communities.

Their delivery is powerful and passionate. Bill is the steady and innovative bass guitar player providing the group's heartbeat and drive and can be seen on stage early devising new arrangements and revising old licks. Len the accordionist (and a national Canadian champion) gearing himself to rev up the audience while preparing a set of pyrotechnical reels to take your breath away. John, on acoustic guitar, is the group's center with clear, ringing vocal leads giving his all, be it a raucous pub song or the softer ballad.


CD's/Digital downloads:

  • The DIGGERS (2001)

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