Detroit Soul Revue

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Detroit Soul Revue
Detroit Soul Revue Logo.png
Background Information


Clinton Township


R&B, Soul, Funk, Rock

Years Active

2014 - Present



David Altwerger - Drums
Sean Morse - Keyboards, Vocals
Greg Boyce - Guitar
Tim Fischer - Lead Vocals, Trombone
James (Jamey) Bostek - Trumpet/Vocals
Jim (Pletch) Pletcher - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Stephanie Johnson - Lead Vocals, Percussion
Jim (Bader) Bates - Lead Vocals, Bass
AJ Sahukar' - Saxophone, Vocals
Phil Rosas - Trumpet



Detroit Soul Revue (DSR) is the latest incarnation of the long running Mass Transit band that has been entertaining Detroit for over 30 years. This ten-piece live band features vocals, horns, and a locked and loaded rhythm section. DSR features a large selection of soul, funk and rock tunes that will make it hard to sit still; they take the business of getting folks moving seriously.

About the Name

While rebuilding the rhythm section after a number of changes in players, it became clear that it was time to expand, rebrand, and take the band in a new, even more exciting direction. It was decided that the band needed a new moniker to express their new mix of talent and enthusiasm. The name needed to be bold and fresh but also needed to keep the band close to their roots. During an early discussion, it was mentioned that lead singer Jim Pletcher’s father was once an employee of the Detroit Street Railway. The band used this information as a platform on which to build their new brand. The initials honor Jim’s father and tie the band back to their beginnings with Mass Transit, while the name exudes the band’s essence and roots.


David Altwerge

David Altwerger.png

Drums since 2014
David has a formal education in music, obtained at Central Michigan University, but he’s wise enough to know that you should never stop practicing, which is how he spends his time when he isn’t playing with his adorable daughter, cheering for the Red Wings, or enjoying a bowl of delicious Pho.


Sean Morse

Sean Morse.png

Keys since 2014
Sean is an unapologetic “gear junkie” who just can’t keep his hands out of music. He’s not only been jamming on the keys for over 35 years, but he’s also a producer and engineer who runs a recording studio Downriver. He knows that as a performer, there’s nothing like affecting people on an emotional level with your music.


Greg Boyce

Greg Boyce.png

Guitar since 2016
A guitar veteran, whose varied and unique sound began with Night Shift, a jazz group ahead of its time with a seamless blend of jazz fusion and rock. He recorded with Motown artist Caroline Crawford and My Town Records artist Pree, and played with City Limits, a group that won the Hennessy Best of Detroit jazz contest. Greg has years of teaching and performing experience.


Tim Fischer

Tim Fischer.png

Trombone/Vocals since 2014
Tim has been making music since he was 10 years old and is currently also a member of the Henry Ford Big Band and 6POINT5 and has earned a B.S. in Music from Central Michigan University. He believes that music is truly a conduit for feelings and emotions that cannot be expressed by words alone. The connection to his audience keeps bringing him back to the stage. That is, when he isn’t in the kitchen spending time on his other passion: cooking.

Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Johnson.png

Vocals since 2016
Stephanie loves the sense freedom and happiness that singing brings her. She's been nominated for several Detroit Music Awards as a member of the Howard Glazer Band. Performing since she was 11, Stephanie has years of formal vocal training behind her. When she isn't singing, she's traveling, running, or enjoying live music. Though, she's probably singing then too. .

James H Bates

James H Bates.png

Bass/Vocals since 2014
James has been playing for over 40 years. Always ready for a jam session with whoever is around, James appreciates the depth that other players bring to a tune. A fun and friendly guy, James is considered the band’s “morale officer” and strives to keep things fun and relaxed.


Jamey Bostek

Jamey Bostek.png

Trumpet since 2014
Jamey lives by the motto, “Higher, Louder, Faster” and has been performing and teaching for over 30 years. He’s a former Atlantic and Mercury Records recording artist whose music has appeared in movies, television, and on the Conan O’Brian Show with his former band The Atomic Fireballs. He is currently also a member of the Henry Ford Big Band and the Michigan Philharmonic.


Jim Pletcher

Jim Pletcher.png

“Pletch” – Vocals/Percussion/Guitar since 2014
Jim is an avid “do-it-yourselfer” who not only rafted the Grand Canyon twice but is also an award winning BBQ chef. Want to try some of the award-winning BBQ? You might be able to persuade him to barter for an amazing dish of gourmet mac and cheese. Jim’s been playing for over 35 years and is dedicated to DSR, citing the deep connection of the band members and a love for pleasing the audience for keeping him on stage.


Phil Rosas

Phil Rosas.png

Trumpet since 2014
Phil is a man of few words who would rather let his trumpet do the speaking for him. When he’s not grooving with DSR or the Wyandotte Marching Chiefs, he’s anywhere you can find a game board and polyhedron dice. Want to know more about Phil? You’re going to have to bend an ear to his trumpet.


AJ Sahukar

AJ Sahukar.png

Alto/Tenor Saxophone/Background Vocals since 2014
AJ programs computers by day and kicks out super smooth tunes on the Sax at night! He’s been playing the saxophone since 6th grade and has played with many notable Detroit jazz musicians such as Henry Gibson, Dezi McCullers Sr., Ben Baber, and Jerome Perry. He’s the “tech support” for the band, but couldn’t choose a favorite song to save his life!



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