Detroit Hammers

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The Detroit Hammers
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Background Information




Rock, Country, Blues

Years Active

2012 Present


Steve Cox - vocals, guitar
Lowell Kiester - guitar
Maria McCarthy - vocals
Rita Lemons - vocals
Darryl Pierce - drums
Chris Brown - bass
Dennis Burr - guitars/vocals


The Detroit Hammers are a rock n roll, country blues band, from Detroit, Michigan. In 2012, founding member, Steve Cox, assembled the finest live players in the Detroit area, that are also capable of doing session/recording work similar to the Nashville model. The Hammers’ lineup was tailored to accommodate the vibe and intensity of the original music, and it’s taken several years of aggressive searching and the auditioning dozens of players to find the ones who can deliver the Hammer blow live as well.

In 2012, after assembling the band, and developing a solid infrastructure for the band, the Detroit Hammers were born. Cox then began recording the best of his music, and started performing locally to test the band, and the music in front of those familiar with his music, and those who had never seen or heard his original music. After stellar successes, money, studio time, numerous opportunities came like never before. Late 2012, saw the release of the Detroit Hammers first CD, titled; “Homegrown”, recorded in both Nashville and Detroit. The sessions included guests from Bob Seger’s band, Garth Brooks’ band, and Delbert McClinton’s band.


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