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The Detroit Cobras
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Background Information




Garage Rock, Soul

Years Active

1994 - Present


Black Mamba, Human Fly, Scooch Pooch, Sympathy for the Record Industry, Rough Trade, Bloodshot



Rachel Nagy - Vocals, Piano
Mary Ramirez - Guitar

Former Members


Steve Shaw - Guitar
Soup - Guitar
Dante Adrian White - Guitar
Dan Meister - Guitar
Greg Cartwright - Guitar
Mike "Hadji" Hodgkiss - Guitar
Eddie Baranek - Guitar
Reuben Glazer - Guitar
Brad Meinerding : Guitar
Joey Mazzola - Guitar, Bass
Steve Nawara - Guitar, Bass
Jeff Meier - Bass guitar
Rob Smith - Bass Guitar
John Szymanski - Bass guitar
Matt O'Brien - Bass guitar
Jim Diamond - Bass guitar
Eddie Harsch - Bass guitar
Ko Melina - Bass guitar
Carol Schumacher - Bass Guitar
Gina Rodriguez - Bass Guitar
Jake Culkowski - Bass Guitar
Dale Wilson - Bass
Nick Lucassian - Drums, Bass
Vic Hill : Drums
Chris Fachini - Drums
Damian Lang - Drums
Kenny Tudrick - Drums
Dave Shettler - Drums
Skeeto Valdez - Drums
Tony DeCurtis - Drums Dave Vaughn - Drums
Johnny "Bee" Badanjek - Drums
Richie Wohlfeil - Drums


The music that the band started playing in 1994 is a mix of soul, Motown, R&B and classic rock, The Detroit Cobras play other people’s music, but more specifically they cover other artists’ B-sides and deep cuts, and they do so with such a raw and ferocious energy that the songs rarely sound anything like the original versions, but all of them end up sounding like Cobra songs.

The group, which, except for Rachel Nagy and Mary Ramirez notoriously changes its lineup. The first edition of the Detroit Cobras featured Rachel Nagy on vocals, Jeff Shaw and Mary Ramirez on guitars, Jeff Meier on bass, and Vic Hill on drums They released their first 7" in 1996.

See the different Detroit Cobras Band line-ups and Bands covered on Albums


CD's/LP's/Digital downloads:


"Feel Good" Digital Single (2015) i Tunes "Ya Ya Ya 7" (2008, Stag-O-Lee) "Cha Cha Twist CD, 7" (2004, Rough Trade) Amazon "Ain't It a Shame" 7" (1996, Scooch Pooch) "Down In Louisiana" 7" (1996, Black Mamba) "Village of Love" 7" (1996, Human Fly)

Other Compilations:

  • Sleaze Punk: Dirty Sexy Rock and Roll Party (2014) song "Funnel of Love" iTunes
  • Alright, This Time Just the Girls, Vol. 2 (2012) song "Bye Bye Baby" iTunes
  • Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit (2001) song "Shout Bama Lama" Itunes


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