Daniel Harrison & the $2 Highway

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Daniel Harrison & the $2 Highway
Daniel Harrison & the $2 Highway Logo.jpg
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Country, Rock, Alt-Country

Years Active

2009 - Present




Daniel Harrison - guitar, vocals
Molly Anderson - percussion
Rich Pyle - percussion
Sam Coleman - guitar, vocals
Austin Mokrenski - bass
Justin Street - lead guitar


Daniel Harrison & the $2 Highway Band From L-R: Sam Coleman, Justin Street, Daniel Harrison, Rich Pyle, Molly Anderson, not pictured Austin Mokrenski

From Website
Daniel Harrison and the $2 Highway is a not-so-traditional five piece band from Detroit, Michigan. Their groove laden mixture of alternative country and roots is layered with complex conga beats, entrancing guitar solos, and grooving bass lines, all driven by the deep thumping of Rich Pyle's kick. Rounding out this unconventional group are the soulful, and sometimes haunting, lyrics generated by Daniel Harrison's powerful, raw voice.

DH$2 has been playing for the Detroit music scene and at various venues all over the state since 2009. Since that time, this enigmatic group has won a multitude of contests, rocked the Detroit Hoedown, the Uncle Sam Jam, the Soundboard at Motor City Casino, and has shared the stage with national favorites such as Candlebox, Bret Michaels, and Josh Gracin. This is one band who has stood the test of time and has proven that they can captivate even the most discerning of crowds.


Daniel Harrison

Danial Harrison.jpg

From Website

Daniel Harrison’s passion for music began at an early age. He first “found” his voice when he
was 11 years old helping a friend write a song for a long before Daniel began teaching himself music and writing original songs. Like many aspiring artists, his first performance was at a school talent show. Although Daniel started out singing a lot of doo-wop, he quickly diversified his music repertoire. Due to his love of all genres, Daniel has been known to infuse varying styles into his songwriting.

This open concept writing has allowed him to convey a unique sound to fans and is a foundation of DH$2’s style. Daniel views music as an expression of his soul, and when he senses that he’s touched an emotional chord with his audience, he feels connected to something bigger than all of Us. This undoubtedly contributes to the “old soul” feel of his lyrics, which Daniel feels is a result of how he grew up. He was raised in a one-parent-household and consequently did not have a lot of money. Throughout these experiences he learned a lot about life and what hard times really are. Daniel sums up this part of his life in a cathartic, autobiographical song called “From Nothing.” Overall, Daniel is most thankful for the comfort that music and his relationship with God provides for him.

In addition to being the engine of DH$2, Daniel also plays music at his local church and has even starred as the disconcerting Judge Turpin in the play Sweeny Todd. Although music keeps Daniel incredibly busy, he is able to carve out time to be active with his family and community of Flat Rock, Michigan.



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