Chris Canas Band

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Chris Canas Band
Chris Canas Band Logo.jpg
Background Information


Ann Arbor


Blues, Funk, and Soul

Years Active

2003 - Present




Chris Canas - Guitar & Vocals
Angela Cottingham - Vocals & percussion
Derek Washington - Bass
Michael Scott - Drums
Chris Nordman- Keys



In 2002 Chris formed the "Chris Canas Hyper Dynamic Blues Revolution" which was later shortened to "The Chris Canas Blues Revolution" which shortened again to "The C2BR" and finally, finally ended with the "Chris Canas Band in 2003". The Chris Canas Band consists of Chris Canas on Guitar and Vocals, Angela Cottingham on Percussion and Vocals, Chris Nordman on Piano and Organ, Michael Scott on Drums, and our newest member to the Blues Revolution Derek Washington on Bass.

In 2007 the Chris Canas Band won their first Blues Competition when they competed in the West Michigan Blues Society's challenge. They also won the Kalamazoo Valley Blues Association challenge in 2010, the Detroit Blues Society challenge in 2012 as well as 2014. Chris " The Soldier For The Blues" Canas, has put together a who’s who of veteran musicians over the years and has learned many many lessons the long hard way to help keep the blues alive and moving forward for all music lovers. The Chris Canas Band has a well blended set of classic covers and clever, roller coaster like originals that keep the audience captivated and coming back for more. With their diverse mix of Blues, Funk, and Soul they are always well equipped to bring the party wherever they go. The Chris Canas Band is available as an Acoustic Solo-Duo, Three Piece, Four Piece, or Five Piece act. This band is driven to pump new life into “The Blues” as well as embracing the rich traditional roots of the past.


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Chris Canas

Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Piano, Cornet, Saxaphone, Drums

Chris Canas1.jpg

The man himself. Originally trained in his middle school’s marching band on the cornet, Chris then attended the Ann Arbor School of Performing Arts in the Jazz performance group. He fell in love with guitar and began playing daily. Chris writes, arranges and performs all of his music. He wants to take the blues to the younger generation and keep it alive for veteran fans. His dream is for everyone to love the blues as much as he does.


Angela Cottingham

Vocals, Percussion, Drums

Angela Cottingham.jpg

The multitasker. Angie started off with the promotional duties and also played the keys on occasion. She now adds the background vocals and percussion with a well versed knowledge of R&B, Funk, Motown, Jazz, and Blues. She likes to think of herself as the party starter.


Derek Washington


Derek Washington.jpg

The very foundation of the band. Derek is the newest addition to the Chris Canas Band . He brings an expertise and passion for Blues, Latin, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Soul, and Motown that can only be found in a musician that grew up loving music. He is truly a magnificent addition to the musical family and an integral part of their diversified style.


Michael Scott


Michael Scott.jpg

The pulse of the band. Michael has an extensive background in music, as well as a remarkable repertoire of rythyms up his sleeve. He slings them whenever he can and is truly a remarkable musician and a key part of the dynamics for the Chris Canas Band


Chris Nordman

Piano, Organ

Chris Nordman.jpg

Chris Nordman, joined the band in 2014. His father, Chuck Nordman, was a school music teacher, and also taught private lessons on piano, trumpet, and other instruments. Chris started bugging his dad to teach him at an early age. By Age 6, Chris was playing piano at church and school recitals and talent shows. He found a second love in string instruments, and became an accomplished cellist, playing in several area symphony orchestras, chamber music groups, and in the World Youth Symphony at Interlochen, becoming 1st chair, and playing with Van Cliburn, and under Howard Hanson and other great artists and conductors. Chris has experience with numerous choirs and choral groups, arranging for accomplished artists and bands.



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