Chelsea House Orchestra

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Chelsea House Orchestra
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Celtic with a Kick!
Background Information




Celtic, Folk

Years Active

1996 - Present


Maestro Jed Fritzemeier


25 talented young musicians from Chelsea High School’s music program



Chelsea House Orchestra (‘CHO’ for short) is Michigan’s premier youth fiddle group from Chelsea, Michigan. Founded in 1996 by Maestro Jed Fritzemeier, the group consists of 25 talented young musicians from Chelsea High School’s music program.

Chelsea House Orchestra - 2016

Musically, CHO provides a varied and colorful performance repertoire with the majority of the music derived from traditional Celtic sources. However, other folk music sources are used to provide students with an eclectic musical experience. CHO has been in demand at festivals and events throughout the Midwest for the last 20 years. Performances have included the Michigan Irish Music Festival, Alma Highland Games, St. Andrews Highland Games, Saline Celtic Festival, Scottish Society of Southwestern Michigan, North American Scottish Leadership Conference, Indiana State Fair, Edinboro Highland Games, as well venues throughout Scotland as part of the Stirling Bridge Youth Arts Festival in 2016. In March 2019, CHO will make their 2nd international tour, going all the way across the globe to tour China.


Chelsea House Orchestra CDs are available by mail or at local stores in Chelsea, Michigan order music

  • Mishmash – Best of the Chelsea House Orchestra (2013)
  • Crossing the Border (2010)
  • Celtic With a Kick (2008)
  • Quit Work Make Music (2007)
  • Rolling Home (2005)
  • Around The Room (2003) – out of print
  • Over the Sea to Skye (2001) – out of print
  • Chelsea House Orchestra (1999) – out of print


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