Captains of the Head

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Captains of the Head
Captains Of The Head Logo.jpg
Detroit's Finest X-Rated Sea Shanty Band
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Folk, Indie

Years Active

2012 - Present


Capt. Don River - Banjo, Vocals
Capt. Gar Density - Accordion, Vocals
Capt. Rod Chesterhills - Guitar, Vocals


Captains of the Head hail from the great State of Michigan and the seaport of Detroit. They then set out on a voyage to keep the sea shanty tradition alive & well by rescuing forgotten songs and writing new ones to fit these modern times. They sing rough songs about rough men, rough seas, and loose women. Using acoustic instruments, in the maritime folk tradition, they pay tribute to other x-rated singers such as Salty Dick, Oscar Brand, John Valby, G.G. Allin, and Anne Murray. After finding common ground in this tradition of musical filth, the members of Captains of the Head (Gar Density, Rod Chesterhills, and Don River) each took it upon themselves to promote each other to the rank of Captain without having any authority to do so. They currently aren’t very hard at work on their first album and play shows when asked.


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