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The Campbell Terrace is a small-scale outdoor performance venue that features a covered stage, tiered concrete walls for seating and lush landscaping. Opened in October 2016, it is located at the base of the Lafayette Street ramp to the Dequindre Cut between Orleans and St. Aubin Streets. The Terrace was commissioned by a $1 million gift from the McGregor Fund to honor the legacy of David Campbell, its former president who passed away in 2014. Campbell had served as president of the McGregor Fund since 1999 and was a founding member of the Detroit RiverFront Conservancy's board of directors, serving on it 2003-14. After Campbell died, the McGregor Fund wanted to do something to honor the man who loved art, music and the community, and the venue is something the community can benefit from.

The terrace features a covered stage and curved, tiered concrete seating that can hold up to 60 people. Audience members can bring their own chairs as well if seating fills up.

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