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Cadre Logo.jpg
Background Information




Hard Rock, Metal

Years Active

2012 - Present


Johnny Mascioli - Vocals
Sean Patterson - Gutiar
Robbie Fraser - Gutiar
Matt Hellebuyck - Bass
Tim Boddington - Drum


Cadre is a five piece hard rock band from Detroit, Mi. Formed in early 2012, the band consists of musicians that have shared the stage in numerous musical endeavors, giving the band a true family type bond with true respect and creativity. Along with that, Cadre has a long history within the Detroit Music Scene being that the previous projects the members were a part of helped landscape the scene itself.

Singer Johhny Mascioli perfected his way of becoming one of the areas best front-men through years of singing for bands such as "Chaos Theory" and "As Darkness Falls" and in this band showing off his talent when it comes to amazing vocal melodies and strong song writing. Guitarists Sean Patterson and Robbie Fraser have really brought two guitar work to a whole new level, stemming from years of playing together in bands such as "Concrete Groove" and "Stellardrive." To round out the equation, bassist Matt Hellebuyck and drummer Tim Boddington prove over and over again how talented and dominant of a rhythm section they are from years of playing together in the band "Facture".


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