Cadillac Kidz

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Cadillac Kidz
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Background Information





Years Active

1978 - 1986
1999 - Present


Spaz - Vocals
Ron Chambers - Drums
Dan Cadillac - Guitars
Chris Badynee - Bass, Vocals

Past Members

Cameron Wesley Stirnweis


The Cadillac Kidz feature an eclectic collection of original songs and is a band that represented the east and west sides of Detroit back in the late 1970’s. Cameron Wesley who operated a local music booking agency known as SureShot Productions on Van Dyke and Topher in Warren that morphed into a rehearsal room and multi-track recording studio. Cameron also played guitar with childhood pal Dan Cadillac. They enticed singer Spaz Seville to leave his cover band to explore the new wave of music that was beginning to break into the music scene. Cameron, SureShot, and Spaz had a mission to get the new all original rock bands into the Top 40 bars that catered exclusively to cover bands performing strictly radio hits.

Spaz brought Chris Badynee from Detroit’s Livernois and McGraw area to play bass. The band went through a half dozen drummers as they built their audience via radio and impressive live performances. They were the opening act for Iggy Pop, The Ramones, Romantics, Wayne Kramer, Johnny Thunders, Mitch Ryder, Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Cheap Trick, J. Geils Band, Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi and most of their rock and roll heroes. In the middle of the gigging madness, the band brought in Ron Chambers as their permanent powerhouse drummer and additional songwriter.

After taking a hiatus in the late 1980's & 1990's as the new Millennium approached they got back together and play occasionally. They performed is at the Motor City Muscle Festival in Downtown Detroit in August 2018 where they played their Award winning Motor-Rock anthem, "Detroit's A Go-Go".

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  • We Went and Recorded It Anyway: The Best of Punk and Power-Pop 1977-1984 CD (2008) song "Establishment Bash" Info on Rate Your Music

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