Brian McCarty & the Big Bad Beat

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Brian McCarty & the Big Bad Beat
Brian McCarty & the Big Bad Beat Logo.jpg
Background Information




Rock & Roll

Years Active

2014 - Present

Current Members


Brian McCarty - Guitar, Vocals
Gerald Shohan - Guitar
Michael Brooks - Guitar
Kevin Perri - Bass
Jay Jones - Drums
Karen Neal - Vocals
Maggie McCabe - Vocals

Past Members

Valorie Synwolt, Matthew Ball


From Facebook

Mining the caverns of 30 years of Detroit bar-star gems, Brian McCarty has combined a power-packed hand-picked ensemble to back-up his newest batch of rolling/soulful/rowdy songs. Brian and the Big Bad Beat are prepped and pumped--ready to release their brand of live music into the ear sockets of anyone with a hankerin' to hear some good ole soul-charging Rock N' Roll! You more than likely know Brian as the always frontman for Detroit's long-standing Trash Brats; but the rest of the band's resume isn't too shabby either. The Big Bad Beat is made up of key members of Bootsey X & the Lovemasters, the Junk Monkeys, Motorcycle Boy, and Queen Bee, to name a few. The combined experience of this group of Detroit bar-thumping rock stars exceeds 200 years--no joke! Brian's song writing skills are sharper than ever, having honed them on a lifetime of Stones, Elvis, Lennon/McCartney, Hank Williams, and a heavy dose of '70s AM radio.


CD's/Digital downloads:

  • Brian McCarty And The Big Bad Beat EP (3/2016) Bandcamp


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