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Boys of Fall
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Background Information


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Alternative Rock, Pop Punk, Pop Rock

Years Active

2011 - Present


InVogue Records



Michael Martenson - Vocals
Jake Cemer - Vocals/Guitar
Dan Quigley - Guitar
Eli Sleeker - Bass
Scott Solomon - Drums

Past Members

Billy McMahan, Victor Yousof Kenny Klatt, Kenneth Beatty, Brittain Clay


Boys of Fall formed in late 2011 by Michael Martenson, the bands clean/scream vocalist. After finding a musical connection with ex members of Violets for Verona and Red Lights At Dawn, Boys of Fall was off to a running start. Only two weeks after being together, the band released two tracks showing that they were serious contenders on the hardcore scene. In December 2011, They introduced bassist Eli Sleeker to the line up and continued to pursue their passion for the music. The band was off to a great start and accumulated many new followers with their unique blend of pop and hardcore. In early 2012 the bands line up was finally solidified by adding Billy McMahan and Kenny Klatt on guitars as well as Kenneth Beatty on the drums.

After the many band member changes the Boys of Fall faced, they decided it was best to start fresh with music that displayed what the new line up had to offer. This writing session lead to their debut album "The Call Out" which was released June 23rd, 2012. Since it's release, "The Call Out" has received positive reviews from all sorts of music fans due to it's musical diversity because of the way it ties together many aspects of music. Rather than trying to be heavy, Boys of Fall has gained their popularity with the music they feel is pure rather than playing constructed noise marketed to a certain scene.

Boys of Fall


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