Boa Constrictors

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Boa Constrictors
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Background Information





Years active

2008 - Present


Record Label

No Cover Productions


Carl Caballero - Harp and Vocals
Glenn James - Guitar and Vocals
Steve Allen - Bass and Vocals
Mike Kissick - Drums/Vocals


The Boa Constrictors are basically Detroit Blues band with a Rockabilly twist, making them very unique. These guys have a true Detroit pedigree. When you gp to a Boa Constrictors show, you'll be hearing PURE Detroit Blues with a PURE Detroit attitude. The Boa Constrictors main course recipe comes from the legendary harmonica bands of Little Walter, Jerry Portnoy, Junior Wells, Paul Butterfield, and Sonny Boy Williamson (1 and 2). They also throw in a dash of Rockabilly for a unique Detroit flavor. Add a heaping helping of Detroit Blues influence as well. The members of the band have played with legendary Detroit artists like Billy Davis, The Sharecroppers of Soul, John Watkins, Lazy Lester, Little Junior Cannaday, the Butler Twins, Harmonica Shah, Sir Mack Rice, and Uncle Jesse White.

Each and every member of the Boa Constrictors brings their unique life experiences to the stage, both musically and personally. From large festival venues, to the smallest bar, or juke-joint, their shows are always spontaneous & energetic.

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Carl Caballero

Carl Caballero.jpg

As a native of West Memphis, Arkansas, the harmonica takes on a new meaning as a lead instrument in the hands of Carl Caballero. He is one of the most exciting talents to emerge out of the big city roots and blues scene in some time. His energy has proven to be a potent force for many years along the road house circuit that links Detroit and Chicago. In between Caballero has often headed south on musical sojourns to spend time soaking up musical inspiration on the very soil where blues and country originally fused to give us Rock and Roll half a century ago. Years of touring with Overture Records recording artists the “Sharecroppers of Soul” and Willy Dixon’s long time guitarist, John Watkins, has helped to give Caballero the experience to hold his own with all the important harmonica players, past and present, yet he remains independent and innovative enough to always seek new musical ground. Inspired originally by players like Little Walter and Jerry Portnoy, along the way he has shared the stage with such harp luminaries as Junior Wells and Sugar Blue..


Glenn James

Glenn James.jpg

A native Detroiter and a true veteran on the Detroit blues scene, Glenn can be heard on early recordings of Detroit Blues legends The Butler Twins and Steve Nardella. Glenn is a high energy player and a lot of fun! His experiences include the Rhythm Kings and backing up Rock and Roll hall of famer, Bo Diddly. .


Steve "Groovedaddy" Allen

Steve Allen.jpg


Steve Allen was born in Mansfield, Ohio and raised in Detroit, Lansing, and Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Always a "closet" Blues fan, he experienced his first infusion of "real" Blues in 1973 via his future mentor and good friend, Luther Allison and his bass player, Andrew Smith. They were playing a club in Mt. Pleasant at the time and Steve was instantly "hooked". Steve has had the good fortune to play with and share the stage with Harmonica Shah, Billy Davis, Little Junior Cannaday, James Harman, Luther Allison, Jason Ricci, Jeremy Spencer, Charlie Musselwhite, and many other excellent musicians. Steve has played locally, nationally, and internationally and just loves making soulful Blues music. His heros have always been bass players that know and understand that the bass is not a lead instrument and that its sole purpose is to lay down a thick, rich, groove.


Mike Kissick

Mike Kissick.jpg

Mike is THE ultimate energy drummer (sometimes he even stands to play). He is a big fan of Blues and Rockabilly Mike has played through the years with many Blues greats like Harmonica Shah, the Butler Twins, Lazy Lester, Robert Noll, the Wixom Slim, the Detroit Blues Band, the Blues Survivors, and the Alligators.



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