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Background Information




Irish, Folk

Years Active

1984 - Present


Blackthorn Records




Richard McMullan - Guitar, Mandolin, Cittern, Bodhran, Bones
Dennis Green - Bass Guitar
Gary McMullen - Guitar, Banjo
Fred Klein - Keyboard, Tin Whistle, Flute, Accordion
David Mosher - Fiddle, Mandolin

Past Members


Bob Phillips
Dan Taggart
Barry Schigelone
Dennis Green
Wallace Hood



It's October 1984, the Tigers are in the World Series and, unexpectedly, John Brady, owner of the Old Shillelagh in Greektown, is without a band. Richard McMullan gets a phone call, and with Bob Phillips (guitar) and Dan Taggart (bass) a new band is formed. The trio is eventually dubbed Blackthorn by Brady's daughter and the seed of our sound is sown. Soon we were ready to record our first CD and Fred Klein is called in on a recommendation from the recording engineer because we needed a string section for Dublin in the Rare Auld Times. It was a chance meeting, and suddenly a CD-and a quartet-is born.

Shortly thereafter, Bob leaves and Gary McMullen joins in yet another chance meeting. Gary had never heard us play and we hadn't heard him either. It was pure serendipity-a perfect fit. A few years later Dan leaves and Barry Schigelone steps in. More years pass and in 1993 Dennis Green becomes our new bass man. For the next 17 years it was the four of us-Denny, Fred, Gary and Richard-against the world.

In 2010 we became a quintet with the addition of Wallace Hood. We really enjoyed having him, but he retired to Northern Ireland two years later. David Mosher followed soon after, bringing fiddle, mandolin and an additional voice to our sound. He remains with us to this day and is hoping that there is 30 more years of music in us because he has some serious catching up to do.


Richard McMullan

Richard McMullan.png

Born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Richard brings to the stage the stories and songs of his native land. He sings lead vocal and plays guitar, mandolin, cittern, bodhran and bones.

Fred Klein

Fred Klein.png

Fred brings a broad background to Blackthorn having played variations of rock and jazz throughout his musical career. He is firmly grounded in Celtic music and plays keyboards, tin whistle, wooden flute and accordion.


Gary McMullen

Gary McMullen.png

The full spectrum of American and Celtic folk music, with special emphasis on Bluegrass music, best describes Gary’s background. He plays guitar and 5 string banjo for Blackthorn.


Dennis Green

Dennis Green.png

Denny’s background includes choral and vocal group training as well as many years of performing in traditional and contemporary folk music ensembles. He plays bass guitar for Blackthorn.


David Mosher

David Mosher.png

David has been a full time musician since 1988 and is well known throughout the Midwest in the folk, bluegrass and Celtic music scenes. He plays anything with strings on it, but primarily mandolin and fiddle with Blackthorn.


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