Bill Bynum & Co.

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Bill Bynum & Co.
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Background Information


Ann Arbor


Americana, Bluegrass, Country

Years Active

1999 - Present



Bill Bynum - Guitar, Vocals
Hester Hasheian - Fiddle, Vocals
Scott Kendall - Bass
Bill Arnold - Dobro


Bill Bynum & Co From L-R: Bill Bynum, Hester Hasheian, Bill Arnold, Scott Kendall

With songs both traditional and original, and a sound that's at once as comfortable as old jeans and as fresh as a new blade of grass, Bill Bynum & Co. is a band that’s easy to love and hard to quit.

The band’s core of guitar, Dobro, fiddle, bass and harmony vocals can lean into bluegrass, veer toward country, or take listeners on a unique journey through Bill’s original songs.


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Although a Detroit native, Bill’s musical roots are in the South. His parents migrated from Black Oak, Arkansas to work in Detroit’s steel industry in the 1940s, bringing—like many others—their love for bluegrass and country music. Bill grew up listening to artists like Johnny Cash and Buck Owens on Detroit’s country radio station, “The Big D.”

Detroit rock drove Bill’s early musical career. But in 1999, Bill turned on the radio and heard “Yours Forever Blue” by Steve Earle and the Del McCoury Band. From that moment on he found himself with a “nonstop desire to hear and play those songs.”

Soon he was writing them too. Bill is a first-prize winner in the Metro Detroit Songwriting Showcase with his song “Lovin’ You.” He has collaborated with bluegrass legend Pete Goble, an International Bluegrass Music Association Lifetime Achievement Award winner. Bill lives for the joy of entertaining his audience. A true showman!


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