American Ages

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American Ages
American Ages Logo.jpg
Background Information


Shelby Township


Rock, Classic Rock, New Country Hits

Years Active

2011 - Present



Jeff Cav - Lead Vocals
Steve Wilt - Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Lead Vocals, Back-Up Vocals
Dave Joseph - Lead Guitar, Back-Up Vocals
Steve Tocco - Drums, Lead Vocals, Back-Up Vocals


American Ages From L-R: Dave Joseph, Steve Wilt, Jeff Cav, Steve Tocco

Shakespeare once asked, “What’s in a name?” Well, in the case of American Ages, a lot of hassle and drama.

They started in 2011 with the name, Ages Apart. The name was based on their singer being nearly half the age of the other three guys in the band. A few years later they received a notice from the lawyer of a band named Ages Apart threatening to sue them for trademark infringement.

So they changed their name to American Band. A few years later They received a notice from the lawyer of a band named Grand Funk Railroad – The American Band threatening to sue them for trademark infringement.

Having really liked their first two names, in January 2019 they decided the third, newest band name would be a hybrid of their original names.

American Ages is the little band with a big sound. They play Classic Rock, New Rock and New Country hits with great musicianship, vocals and vocal harmonies.


Jeff Cavitaio

Lead Vocals

Jeff Cavataio.jpg

Jeff is one of the most accomplished male lead singers in the Detroit area. Jeff's experience includes multiple tours with various national acts. He also had a successful stint on Broadway in NYC.


Dave Joseph

Guitar, Vocals

Dave Joseph.jpg

Dave is a human jukebox with the ability to accurately emulate a variety of songs. Dave uses a variety of stereo effects to make his guitar sound bigger, which helps make American Band, "the little band with a big sound."


Steve Wilt

Bass, Keyboard, Vocals

Steve Wilt.jpg

Steve is a multifaceted musician who covers bass guitar, keyboard, lead vocals and backup vocals. Steve also has extensive experience as a live sound and studio recording engineer.


Steve Tocco

Drums, Vocals

Steve Tocco.jpg

Steve is a veteran of the Detroit music scene. His experience includes dozens of bands in a variety of musical genres. Steve is also a very capable backup and lead vocalist.



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