7 Million Jigawatts

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7 Million Jigawatts
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Background Information




Rock, Pop, Soul

Years Active

2003 - Present

Record Label

Dream Town Media





Melissa Behring - lead vocals, percussion
Jake Tobias - guitar, bass, vocals

And a rotating cast of talent on drums, keyboards, guitar and bass


Jake Tobias & Melissa Behring

Created in 2003 by Jake Tobias and Melissa Behring out of the ashes of a Detroit cover band and sculpted over the years by some of the most talented local musicians, 7MJ sounds like rock and soul, Aretha meets Janis.

This hard working couple has been seen performing as far away as St. Petersburg, Russia and as close by as the backyard beer garden at the Royal Oak Brewery in Royal Oak, Michigan. For the past several years, 7 Million Jigawatts has been a musical power house representing Detroit on the International Music Scene. Jake Tobias & Melissa Behring spent over 6 years performing on ships around the globe for Princess Cruises. They left the Regal Princess, named USA Today’s Best Cruise Ship for Entertainment at the end of 2016.

7 Million Jigawatts unique style of rock and soul infusion keeps dance floors and feet moving. Known internationally for performing hit songs audiences know and love along side their own original music, they are a treat for the senses. Their unique style of music and the talent of this band caught the attention of Ford Motor Company back in 2009. Their song, “I’ve Got You Covered,” was featured on the interior 360 camera view of the 2010 Mustang online.


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